2019 Spring Tour

'The Grampians Gallivant'

Alpine Alfisti Spring Tour 2019

Friday 18th to Monday 21st October
Touring the Grampians Ranges & Western Victoria


The 2019 Grampians Gallivant was organised by Leon Cottle, Convenor of AROCA Victoria's Goldfields Chapter. The event was based at Halls Gap in the Grampians Ranges of Western Victoria and ran from Friday evening through to the following Monday morning (18th to 21st October).

By invitation, this event also doubled as the 2019 Alpine Alfisti Spring Tour.

For some, the Tour commenced on Thursday evening with a dinner at Oscars Hotel in Ballarat.

Photo   Gallivanteers dining

                Pre-Tour dinner group at Oscars Hotel.

On Friday morning, the group reassembled at the Turret Cafe for a caffeine fix ready for a run through Victoria's Western Districts to Halls Gap.

Photo   Alfas in the street

                Alfas waiting expectantly outside the Turret Cafe.

The route took us via Carngham and Snake Valley to Beaufort, where, after grabbing a quick coffee, the crowd converged on Beaufort's "Garage" - an emporium specialising in pre-loved and discarded items from many decades past - from which an assortment of "bargains" was acquired by a few discerning buyers.

Photo   photo of second hand shop

                Beaufort's "Garage" Photo: L Cottle © 2019

An F1 Melbourne Grand Prix souvenir tea spoon and an Art Deco dinner plate were among the prizes claimed from the "Garage"!

From Beaufort, the group headed via Amphitheatre, then to Ararat's Fred & Bet's Cafe for lunch.

Photo   photo of street scene in Ararat

                Street scene in Ararat Photo: M Pantaleo © 2019

Lunch was followed by a short and scenic cruise to Halls Gap - our base for the next three days.

Photo   Alfas in the street

                Alfas settled in for a wet evening in Halls Gap.

The group dinner on Friday evening was held at the nearby Kookaburra Restaurant.

Photo   Alfas in the street

                Kookaburra Restaurant Photo: A Sadow © 2019

The Grampians Gallivant comprised a suite of short "tours" interspersed with out-of-car activities. The Tours visited feature locations within the Grampians: Lake Bellfield, Boroka Lookout, Reed Lookout and The Balconies, and motored along roads with picturesque vistas including Roses Gap, around Mount Abrupt, and through the Victoria Valley and Mirranatwa Gap.

Photo   View towards Lake Wartook

                View towards Lake Wartook from near Reed Lookout.

The Tours also took in regional townships including Stawell, Great Western for lunch at Bests Winery, and through Moyston and Pomonal on Saturday, finishing at the Halls Gap Zoo.

Photo   Alfas at Bests Winery

                The Best Alfas!

On Sunday we headed south, past Mt Abrupt, to Dunkeld where a stop for coffee was welcomed.

Photo   Alfas near Mt Abrupt

                Alfas motoring past Mt Abrupt.

The next stop was at Campe's Motor Museum in Hamilton - an eclectic collection of vehicles, motoring paraphenalia and other memorabillia.

Photo   Alfas in front of Campe's Motor Museum

                Alfas in front of Campe's Motor Museum.

The museum visit was followed by a fabulous 5-course banquet lunch at the Bunyip Hotel in Cavendish.

Photo   Alfas in Cavendish

                Leon introducing James, the Chef of the Bunyip Hotel
                Photo: A Sadow © 2019

Photo   Alfas in Cavendish

                Outside, Alfas line the streets of Cavendish.

After lunch the group returned to Halls Gap via the Victoria Valley and Mirranatwa Gap.

Photo   Alfa at Mirranatwa Gap

                A delightful sight, a 1750 tackling Mirranatwa Gap

On Sunday evening most of the group gathered at the Spirit of Punjab, offering generous servings of spicy and tasty Indian cuisine, to mark the final Tour dinner.

On Monday morning following breakfast, many farewells and promises to "see you on the next Tour", the Tour group members departed - some homeward, while others took the opportunity to extend their "holiday" for a day or two, prior to returning home.

Altogether, 38 Alfisti in 21 Alfa Romeos from WA, SA, ACT, NSW and Victoria (both Melbourne & the Goldfields), participated in the Tour.

The Grampians Gallivant Alfisti

2019 Grampians Gallivant Spring Tour participants

Gallivanteers - group photo

... assembled at Boroka Lookout. Photo: Leon Cottle © 2019

this time, including all of the "Gallivanteers"

Gallivanteers - group photo

... assembled at Lake Bellfield. Photo: Leon Cottle © 2019

and (most of) the Alfas.

Alfas at Lake Bellfield

at Lake Bellfield, Grampians Ranges, Western Victoria. Photo: Leon Cottle © 2019

2019 Grampians Gallivant Tour trophy

                                photo of the 2019 Spring Tour trophy
                                      Photo: Grant Jansen © 2019

... awarded to Grant Jansen

for rescuing a fellow Alfista (and GT owner) ...
when yet another GT "failed to proceed" while on Tour!

                      photo of 2019 Spring Tour trophy
                                  Photo: Andrew Sadow © 2019

Grampians Gallivant tour routes

Saturday (Day 1): Boroka Lookout, Reed Lookout, Roses Gap, Great Western & Halls Gap Zoo

Photo   Map of route for Day 1 of Grampians Gallivant

Lunch was at Bests Winery, Great Western

Sunday (Day 2) : Dunkeld, Hamilton, Cavendish, Victoria Valley & Mirranatwa Gap

Photo   Map of route for Day 2 of Grampians Gallivant

Lunch was at the Bunyip Hotel, Cavendish