2016 Autumn Tour

The Bogong Adventure

Alpine Alfisti Autumn Tour 2016

Friday 22nd April to Monday 25th April

The inaugural Alpine Alfisti Tour
Touring Victoria's Mitta Mitta, Bogong High Plains, Kiewa & Ovens Valleys


blackblock AAT Rally Plate

The inaugural Alpine Alfisti Tour started with a fabulous pre-Tour dinner at Rinaldo's Casa Cucina in Wangaratta on Friday night.

blackblock AAT route map

Alpine Alfisti Photo: (L Cottle)

The Tour itself, commenced in Milawa and travelled via Mitta Mitta to Falls Creek, for an overnight stop. Next day, it continued through Bright, with a visit to Mt Buffalo, and then to Gapsted.

blackblock AAT route map

Image: (Google) Route map



Early on Saturday morning the 30 Alfisti - who had ventured from Ballarat, Beechworth, Brisbane, Canberra, Eldorado, Melbourne & Sydney - assembled at the Milawa Cheese Factory for breakfast.

The group travelled from Milawa via Mitta Mitta, with a lunch stop at the Mitta Pub. The Tour then headed through Glen Wills, up onto the Bogong High Plains, with a stop at Wallace Hut, near Nelse, for an invigorating walk among the Alpine gums.

Alfisti @ Wallace Hut

Alpine Alfisti @ Wallace Hut Photo: (L Cottle)

From Wallace Hut it was only a short drive to Falls Creek and dinner at the Last Hoot Cafe.

blackblock car park

GTs at Falls Creek Photo: (L Cottle)



On Sunday, the Tour travelled down the mountain through Mt Beauty, with a brief stop at Tawonga Gap for the view and a photo.

blackblock Alfas @ Tawonga Gap

Photo: (L Cottle) Alfas @ Tawonga Gap

The next stop, after travelling through Bright, was on Mt Buffalo, to see the outstanding view.

Panoramic view from Mt Buffalo

Photo: (L Cottle) Panoramic view from Mt Buffalo

The Tour's official final destination was the Gapsted Winery Restaurant, for an excellent gourmet lunch.

Following lunch, some of the Alpine Alfisti continued on to Beechworth for dinner at the Press Room Wine Bar and another overnight stop before heading home.


Watch Vince's video of the 2016 Alpine Alfisti Tour.